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How we do what we do


We offer and aim at delivering excellent relocation service quality!

By continuous internal and external quality management, we define and refine our core processes according to premium standards. We have identified our most important quality dimensions and points of uniqueness:


  • 20 years of experience in 2014
  • Solid company structure, serviceability all over Germany
  • Well trained personnel, regular workshops and webinars
  • Clapham is a driving force for the set up of industry quality standards

Performance Indicators:

  • Excellent reputation and references
  • Broad client portfolio
  • Fourth certification with EuRA Global Quality Seal in a row since 2008


  • Processes follow SLAs (service level agreements)
  • Monitoring of consistency with service definition
  • Continuous cost control


  • Open and straight communication and information between Relocation Management companies, Human Resource Departments and our customers
  • Comprehensive management of expectations
  • Immediate knowledge transfer regarding changes in immigration subjects


  • Family-owned company with clearly defined responsibilities
  • Precise and flexible processes
  • High availability

Flexibility and Creativity:

  • Adopt client's point of view and interests in unforseen situations
  • Professionalism and experience enable us to find individual, suitable solutions


  • Retaining best practice does not hamper our search for innovative ways and possibilities