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About Us

Partnership at the highest level

Service orientation
We work exclusively with well-trained, competent and motivated staff, provide continuous training and encourage exchange within the EuRA network on developments of ‘best practice’ and find creative new ways. We pay particular attention to quality management and the analysis and evaluation of customer satisfaction surveys.

Our main goal is well defined: We want to make your job easier! Take advantage of the long-year experience of a professional relocation management company.

Corporate Thinking

  • We set priorities and manage resources effectively.
  • We are flexible, creative and adapt to your company’s individual needs and demands.
  • We are modern entrepreneurs, understand and adjust to our customers.

Client Focus
We strongly believe in focusing on the client’s needs. Reliability and fairness have created loyal clients over the years. Successful solutions thrive on effective and accurate communication. We talk with one another not about one another

“Think globally and act locally with strong partners for professional results and satisfied customers. Not only for business purposes but also in social commitment.

Oliver Clapham

Corporate Values:

We expect from all our team members to share our common values which are:


  • Being ethical and honest in all of our affairs
  • Innovating the industry by exceeding the service standards
  • Professionalism and reliability as a trusted advisor
  • Compliance with the EuRA Code of Conduct

Company history from day one until today:

1994 Foundation

The company was founded by Ileana Clapham in 1994, Bad Soden/Ts.-Germany, as Clapham Relocation Service

1998 Company change into a GMBH

Company changed into a “GmbH”, i.e. limited liability firm in 1997; Managing Directors: Oliver Clapham and Ileana Clapham

1998 International Network

Continuous development of an international network of professional co-operation partners starting 1998


Foundation of grm-German Relocation Management GmbH together with several Stakeholders

2002 Membership with EuRA

Membership with EuRA (European Relocation Association)

2003 – 2009 Board Member of EuRA

Ileana Clapham is a board member of EuRA (European Relocation Association) and is responsible for developing training and seminar programmes for EuRA members. During this time also board member of EARP (European Academy for Relocation Professionals). Involved in the development of the EuRA Quality Seal.


Take over of grm-German Relocation Management GmbH

2008 First certification with the EuRA Quality Seal

continuos certification with the EuRA Quality Seal every two years


Frankfurt, Munich, Rhine-Main-Region, Rhine-Neckar-Region, Dresden, Rhineland-Palatinate, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Hamburg, Hanover, Bremen, Cuxhaven and further locations

2019 Acquisition of a renowned Relocation Company

Acquisition of Elisabeth Sommer Relocation in Munich as local branch for the Bavarian Region

Who We Are:

In our industry, personal communication is important. Take a look at who represents Clapham Relocation Services: Oliver Clapham and Ileana Clapham together with our team of employees and 50 consultants at various locations in Germany.

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Club des Affaires de la Hesse Logo
Club des Affaires de la Hesse Logo
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Relocation Über Uns Mitarbeiter von Clapham Relocation Services
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Relocation Über Uns Mitarbeiter von Clapham Relocation Services

“How we do what we do”

We offer and aim at delivering excellent relocation service quality! By continuous internal and external quality management, we define and refine our core processes according to premium standards. We have identified our most important quality dimensions and points of uniqueness:


  • 2021: 27 years of experience in the relocation industry
  • Serviceability all over Germany supported further by expanding in January 2019 with the acquisition of Elisabeth Sommer Relocation, Munich/Bavaria
  • Well trained personnel, regular workshops and webinars
  • Clapham is a driving force for the set-up of industry quality standard

Performance Indicators

  • Excellent reputation and references
  • Broad and balanced client portfolio
  • Regular certification with the EuRA Global Quality Seal since 2008


  • Processes follow Service Level Agreements
  • Monitoring of consistency with service definition


  • Open and straight communication/information between Relocation Management companies, Human Resource Departments and our Customers
  • Comprehensive management of expectations


  • Family-owned company with clearly defined responsibilities
  • Accurate and flexible working processes

Flexibility and Creativity

  • Implement client’s point of view and interests in unforeseen situations
  • Professionalism and experience enable us to find individual, suitable solutions


  • Retaining best practice does not hinder our continuous search for innovative ways and possibilities

Frankfurter Straße 1
D – 65830 Kriftel

Phone: +49 (0) 6192 / 95 11 50 – 0
Fax: +49 (0) 6192 / 95 11 51 – 0


Widenmayerstraße 17
D – 80538 Munich

Phone: +49 (0) 89 / 95 47 41 – 0
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