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Of course, the key question is where to live? The answer depends on a number of factors, such as price range, urban or rural, commuting time etc. We persist in our efforts to meet every desire and requirement as quickly and completely as possible.

Our individual briefing narrows the search for the perfect home, and we act as a guide and advisor with accompanied visits right up to the signing of the rental agreement.

After the agreement is signed, we are here to assist with the handover of the rental property and registration of energy suppliers and/or further services.

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New environment, unfamiliar culture, unknown habits: Your employees will take everything much easier if they feel comfortable in their new home and know that their families are taken care of.

The search for this new home is in the hands of experts with in-depth knowledge of the regional real estate markets. Valuable long-term contacts with landlords, property managers and real estate agents enable us to fulfil your employees’ wishes quickly and easily keeping in mind the company budget and policy. Let them take advantage of our broad portfolio of services related to living and give them the chance to relax and enjoy soon their new home.


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